Blumen, flores, 鮮花 and lilies

En español, por favor.

As a child I learned that the flowers are born, grow and die. Like us, but quicker and in a beautiful way. Blumen, in German… Flores, Fiori or 鲜花, as written in Chinese. No matter what language you use to call them, they do not change their smell and they always give us joy: at a funeral, they make the coffin look good.

When my mother gave birth to me, she told me that the first thing she saw were a bunch of lilies that my father bought her. They thought I would be their second daughter and they wanted to call me Lili, but I was their first son and my name is Guillermo, Willy. A few years later (15), thanks to these same flowers, I met my first girlfriend. She had a pretty face, was very smart and love to watch movies. Her name was Lili.

She loved roses, carnations…White, red and yellow petals. Flowers unite us, give us joy, and they also divide us: Lili left me on Valentine’s Day, she was very angry because I didn’t give her any presents. Although I did bought her something, but she never saw it: I send her some flowers, but the dealer pick the wrong address and left the arrangement in her neighbour’s house.

Now we can almost touch and smell them –there’s a gadget that allow us to smell thing trough the computer-, and see and send them with only one click, thanks to the web. Believe me, is better to write the address to the florist, because he can hear it wrong by the phone. Since my little accident with the lilies, I get happy goose bumps when I see a web form where I can enter a house number and a street name. Even a computer screen can be turned into something beautiful with flowers, right?


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